The Riley Motor Club provides a comprehensive spares supply service
to its members and has worldwide product liability insurance cover.

Spares are available to members by mail order only,
members receive the appropriate spares catalogue
for their car on joining the club.

Spares available include:

Engine -
Fan belts, cooling system, engine rubbers, gasket sets, head gaskets, copper, fibre and cork washers,
'O' rings, filters, pistons and liners, valve springs and guides, starter ring gears, brass nuts and drain plugs, small end bushes, water pump parts etc.
Brakes -
Dust covers, wheel cylinders, master cylinders,wheel cylinder and master cylinder repair kits, brake cables, brake hoses, copper brake pipe sets, exchange relined brake shoes, brake linings and rivets etc.
Transmission and gearbox -
Pedal rubbers and draft excluders, miscellaneous rubbers, gaskets, clutch plates, master cylinder kits, slave cylinder kits, gearbox mountings etc.
Steering and suspension -
Rubbers, king pins and swivel pins, shock absorbers, bump stops, track rod ends, dust covers,
steering racks etc.
Bearings: chassis and gearbox -
Front hub inner and outer, mainshaft centre, propellor shaft, rear hubs, bevel pinion, diff., steering gear etc.
Instruments -
Fuel gauge, speedo, rev counter, ammeter etc.
Electrical -
Ignition cables, points, distributor caps, rotors, condensors, bulbs, dynamos, starters, earth straps,
brush sets, headlamp units, trafficator arms, switches, lenses, wiper parts etc.
Miscellaneous -
Carpet sets, upholstery care products, trim materials, hoses, window and door rubbers, grommets, mouldings, exterior trim, locks, badges, bumpers decals, etc.

Literature -
Workshop manuals, service parts lists, driver's handbooks, original sales and service bulletins,
wiring diagrams, technical articles, books etc.

Many other parts are available from the Club's Spares Manager